Desilter of Mud Treatment System

5. Desilter

Desilter  Desilter_3D

A hydrocyclone much like a desander except that its design incorporates a greater number of smaller cones.
As with the desander, its purpose is to remove unwanted solids from the mud system. The smaller cones allow the desilter to efficiently remove smaller diameter drill solids
than a desander does. For that reason, the desilter is located downstream from the desander in the surface mud system.


Drive Principle solids dispersed via centrifugal force, particles Underflow, the small particles Overflow
Drive Effect The volume stored in the Mud Sand Trap Tank Management
Component Separator, Valve, Pipe ect.

Specification table of Desilter (Woomin technology)

Treating Capacity 500GPM 1000GPM 1500GPM
Cone Size 4 inch 4 inch 4 inch
Cone Number 8 Each 12 Each 16 Each
Pressure 0.25 ~ 0.4 Mpa
Matching Pump 30 / 37 Kw 45 / 55 Kw 55 / 75 Kw
Separation 15 ~ 25 microns
Inlet Size 6 inch 6 inch 6 inch
Outlet Size 8 inch 8 inch 8 inch
Dimension 1880 x 1000 x 1600mm 1880 x 1000 x 1600mm 1880 x 1000 x 1600mm
Weight 565kg 590kg 615kg

Equipment Series of Mud Treatment System 

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