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Shale shaker brief introduction

Many people don’t know anything about shale shaker. From the brief understanding we know it is an equipment to shake or make drilling mud vibrating. Ye, the shale shaker is a device with vibrating motor to separate particals out of drilling fluids

What is the shaker function in … Read More

Longer and more challenging wells has been made possible by improvements in drilling technologies, including more efficient and effective drilling fluids…

Filter Bag Style with Shaker
Intermittent operation with manual or motorized shaker filter cleaning. Sternvent Filter Bag Dust Collectors are the solution for in-plant air quality problems, when the process is intermittent, such as a woodworking shop in a school … Read More

Europe Vacuum Degasser Industry 2016 is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack. This report is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of …

Composition of drilling mud
Water-based drilling mud most commonly consists of bentonite clay (gel) with additives such as barium sulfate (barite), calcium carbonate (chalk) or hematite. Various … Read More

In geotechnical engineering, drilling fluid is used to aid the drilling of boreholes into the earth. Often used while drilling oil and natural gas wells and on exploration drilling … Read More

Effective solids control can be attributed to the overall performance of all the components of the mud systems.
Conditioning the drilling fluid with the goal of dramatically lowering maintenance cost, avoiding excessive chemical treatment and maintaining mud systems volume will decrease … Read More

This video is about Mud Storage Tank and Offshore Drilling.

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There are several different types of drilling fluids, based on both their composition and use. ..

Selecting the correct type of fluid for the specific conditions is an important part of successful drilling operations.


Technavio has announced the top five leading vendors in their recent global three-phase separator market in the oil and gas industry report. This research report also lists five prominent vendors that are expected to impact the market during … Read More

“Waste Disposal Regulations for Drilling Mud & Cuttings Technology, Cost Trends, Environmental Impact and Regional Regulatory Bodies by Mud Type (Water-Based, Oil-Based, Synthetic Based), by Region and Markets Analysis with Forecast”`

Initially, drilling activity in exploration and … Read More

Pneumatic conveying systems can be customized for any application. System types including dilute phase pressure, dilute phase vacuum, dense phase vacuum, dense phase pressure, vacuum sequencing, etc., are available. Systems handle a wide range of materials from micron size to granular or irregular shapes, at any bulk density, … Read More

A unit of Royal Dutch Shell plc plans to begin construction early next year on a $717 million expansion at its Geismar campus in Ascension Parish, LA, which would make the site the largest alpha olefins (AO)producer in the world.

Shell Chemical … Read More

Solids control is a technique used in a drilling rig to separate the solids in the drilling fluids that are crushed by the drill bits and carried out of the well surface. Normally, a solid control system contains five stages: the mud tank, oilfield … Read More

Upgrades will likely need to be made at the city’s Wastewater Treatment Plant to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus discharge levels.

Manage pressure, find the leaks and build a strong system of equipment and people
Electric motors are the real energy hogs standing between high energy bills today and cheap energy

Drilling mud is a important part for the drilling work to maintain the wellbore; Cool, lubricate and support the bit and drilling assembly
and so on, most important, remove cuttings from well. Then here it problem, to reuse the drilling mud. Then it is the time for … Read More